We create life-changing wishes for Canadian children with critical illnesses. Wishes help replace fear with confidence, sadness with joy, and anxiety with hope that anything is possible.

I wish to have a puppy 

Born prematurely, Chloe has been dealing with congenital heart disease throughout her young life in addition to other medical challenges like chronic lung disease and impaired hearing.    A dog lover ...Read More

I wish to go to Walt Disney World® with my family!

At six months old, Sophia was diagnosed with a brain tumour in her optic nerve. As a result of the tumour, Sophia is blind in her left eye and has ...Read More

I wish to go to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls

Like any 10-year-old, Morgan is a busy adventurous child. She wasn’t always like this when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at a young age. The treatment made her ...Read More

I wish to have a hot tub

Claire, or “Claire Bear” as she’s affectionately known, loves to swim in warm water either at a pool or in a tub. When she’s not in the water, she enjoys ...Read More

I wish to go to Walt Disney World

Oakley was diagnosed with a rare liver disease when she was 11 months old. One of the many symptoms that comes along with her diagnosis is an extreme itch. For ...Read More

I wish to have a puppy!

Rebecca was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma in June 2020. She started chemotherapy shortly after receiving her diagnosis, lasting for three months. Then in October, Rebecca started radiotherapy for two ...Read More

I wish to give my basketball team new equipment

Kallie is quick on her toes. The athlete is passionate about basketball, but also excels at volleyball, badminton, skiing, hiking, and rock climbing. The 16-year-old’s favourite ice cream flavour is ...Read More

Still wishing

Noah was diagnosed with a brain tumour when he was eight years old. He underwent a nine-hour brain surgery and learned that he had a very rare and aggressive central ...Read More

I wish to go to Walt Disney World

Ava was diagnosed with leukemia in 2017 when she was ten years old.   She underwent four rounds of intensive chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. Throughout her treatment, Ava had ...Read More


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