We create life-changing wishes for Canadian children with critical illnesses. Wishes help replace fear with confidence, sadness with joy, and anxiety with hope that anything is possible.

I wish for a backyard play area

Scarlett is a bubbly five-year-old with an infectious smile and charming personality. But she has faced more challenges than most children her age.    Scarlett was born with her liver, stomach, ...Read More

I wish to meet NBA superstar Stephen Curry

Daniellia is a fan of the Golden State Warriors, the San Francisco-based NBA team. In addition to basketball, she plays volleyball and ultimate frisbee. Her favourite genre of music is ...Read More

I wish to go to Walt Disney World

Born with a heart condition, Esraa, 12, underwent a heart transplant that transformed her life. Following her surgery, she was diagnosed with lymphoma. It was her wish to experience the ...Read More

I wish to go to a theme park in Florida

Meet Wesley: at 7 years young, he’s a beacon of joy, laughter, and resilience. Whether he’s belting out musical hits, diving into the world of Pokémon, or sharing his love ...Read More

I wish to go to sports games

Carter starts his day by tuning into TSN SportsCentre and catching up on the day’s sports news and events. The 17- year-old hopes to pursue sports management when he finishes ...Read More

I wish for a gaming computer

Katrina is an inspiring, energetic 17 year-old, who doesn’t let her diagnosis get in the way of living her life to the fullest. When she was faced with a cancer ...Read More

I wish to have a zero gravity experience

Zack was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma. This type of cancer occurs when healthy B-cells change into fast-growing cancer cells. The cancer cells can duplicate and overwhelm healthy cells before ...Read More

I wish to have a bedroom makeover

16 year-old Summer was diagnosed with lymphoma in December of 2021. While going through treatments, Summer found out she was getting a wish granted. Dreaming of her wish helped to ...Read More

I wish to go on the Rocky Mountaineer Train

Harpreet is 12 years old and living with a severe nervous system disorder. His diagnosis comes with many challenges, which he faces daily. These challenges don’t stop him from loving ...Read More


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