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Your generosity makes life-changing wishes come true for many children with critical illnesses and their families. A wish lets families spend time together without having to think about hospital stays or doctor’s appointments. A chance to create new memories that last a lifetime.

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Who’s waiting for wishes?

waiting for wishes

Who’s waiting for wishes?


Still Wishing

Victoria, 7
I wish to go to Hawaii 

Victoria, only seven years old, has shown remarkable strength as she battles cancer, enduring major health challenges and long-term side effects with a resilient spirit. She has her heart set on a wish to go to Hawaii, a place she had seen on an episode of Barbie. But more than anything, Victoria’s wish is about spending precious time with her family, creating lasting memories filled with joy and laughter.


Still Wishing

Wesley, 7
nervous system disorder
I wish to go to a theme park in Florida

Wesley is a chatty, outgoing and funny seven-year old who loves all things Harry Potter and Star Wars. Wesley has never been on a plane due to his many health complications over the years. More than anything, he wants to be able to go on his first ever family trip! The most important part of Wesley’s wish is to be a regular kid and have fun without limitations.


Still Wishing

Enzo, 8
I wish to go to a theme park in Florida

Enzo is a dynamic, go-ahead 8-year-old who's always up to something: soccer, biking, swimming. In 2017, Enzo was diagnosed with leukemia. This news turned his whole family upside down. It was the beginning of medical visits, treatments, fears and anxieties. Now that all his treatments are over, he can only think of one thing: his wish to go to a theme park in Florida! 

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4,000 Wishes Are Waiting

From Coast to Coast

4,000 Wishes Are Waiting 4,000 Wishes Are Waiting

Wishes are waiting, and every hour three new children are diagnosed with a critical illness. The need for wishes is growing! We know that children who have wishes granted can build the physical and emotional strength they need to fight their illness, and it often marks a turning point in their treatment.

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Did you know over 70% of children’s wishes involve travel? With the pandemic, we had to put travel wishes on hold and many wish kids are waiting for their wish to be granted. We are now granting international travel wishes again and there is no time to waste!


Help us raise funds to grant
3x new wishes this month!

waiting for wishes

Help us raise funds to grant 3x new wishes this month!

A Turning Point For Kids With Critical Illnesses

Every day, wish kids face extreme challenges. Physical pain, hospital stays, medical procedures, lengthy treatments, and doctor visits are a part of life for a child with a critical illness. It allows families to bond and regain a sense of positivity and hope. A wish is often a turning point in a child’s treatment journey.

Your Donation Can Help Grant Wishes Today

With the support of our generous donors, we have granted over 1200 wishes since October 1st and have granted almost 38,000 life-changing wishes since 1983. But we still have over 4,000 children waiting for their wish.

The Power of a Wish

For wish children and their families, having hope for a better day while facing challenging circumstances helps them persevere through lengthy hospital stays, doctor’s visits and painful treatments. A wish gives a child renewed energy and strength and brings families closer together.


Thank you for your support!

Together we will continue to make a significant impact, one wish at a time.

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