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Olaf Gives Olivia a Reason to Smile!

  • Olaf Gives Olivia a Reason to Smile!

Olivia is a special young girl, with a curious disposition and a love for all things Disney. As a baby, Olivia was hitting all her milestones on time. It wasn’t until she was around one year old that her parents noticed something was amiss with Olivia. “She began regressing and...

Zachary Gets Up Close & Personal With Polar Bears

The Story:

Zachary spends many desperate and painful days dealing with his specific medical condition. Since he’s just a young boy, his parents knew that replacing those negative days with a positive experience could help change Zachary’s life. And so, Zachary’s dream of seeing polar bears was about to become...

Ashley's day with the Toronto Blue Jays

Ashley is an ambitious and talented 14-year-old. She is the MVP of her baseball team, a pianist, one belt away from obtaining her black belt in Karate, and an extraordinary artist. Ashley was diagnosed with Takayasu arteritis, a disorder that causes blood vessel inflammation, a year before her wish was...

Arvin is inspired by his favourite basketball player

When we first met Arvin, it was clear that he had put a lot of thought into his wish, and that he wanted a unique experience – one that couldn’t be bought. Arvin’s wish was to meet DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors basketball team. Not only is DeRozan Arvin’s...

Cynthia Gets Cookin’ With Her Culinary Hero

The Story:

Cynthia’s living with a life-threatening medical condition, which means she spends many days in bed when she’s ill and during treatment. But Cynthia uses that time to her advantage to catch up on her favourite cooking shows. Which is why Cynthia was ecstatic to meet celebrity chef Anna...

Félix-Antoine Huddles With His Hero

The Story:

Félix-Antoine’s favourite sport is football. Unfortunately, his medical condition prevents him from being able to play it. But that hasn’t stopped him from being the sport’s biggest enthusiast. He’s an even bigger fan of LaDainian Tomlinson from the New York Jets – which is why Félix-Antoine wished to...

Emily Meets Her Idol Toby Keith

  • Emily I wish to meet Toby Keith

The Story:

Emily has a rare, life-threatening medical condition that causes her severe joint pain and discomfort. But the pain seems to vanish when she listens to who she calls her Justin Bieber, Country star Toby Keith. So it’s no surprise that her big wish was to meet her idol. ...

Alexis Meets Taylor Swift

  • Alexis I wish to meet Taylor Swift

The Story:

At a very young age, frequent visits to the hospital and the doctor’s was the norm for Alexis. Her illness even got in the way of school because she was either too tired or too sick to keep up. If anything kept her spirits up, it was the...