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Lucas’ Brit-Style Bedroom

The Story:

If anyone knows what it feels like to spend countless days in the bedroom, it’s Lucas. Living with a respiratory condition means that he receives three treatments every day in his room. When asked about his biggest wish, he knew he wanted a fun, comfortable and soothing oasis....

Katlyn’s Room Gets an Entertaining Upgrade

  • Katlyn

The Story:

From the time she was six months old, Katlyn was quarantined in the hospital up until she was over a year old. Although she’s a loving and compassionate young girl, she has spent most of her childhood isolated due to her medical...

The Force is With Sean’s New Star Wars Room

  • Sean & Star Wars

The Story:

Sean was born with a heart condition that meant he required a transplant. Although he was given a generous donation from an organ donor, the road to recovery was oftentimes slow and frightening. But just like any young boy, Sean liked to...

A Computer Helps Alex Connect With Friends

  • personal computer

The Story:

Living with his medical condition means Alex spends most of his time confined to a wheelchair. You can imagine how lonely he gets from time to time since he’s not always able to hang out with his friends. That’s why his wish...

Peter’s Perfect Tech Gift

  • Peter I wish for a Sony shopping spree

The Story:

Peter was diagnosed with his illness when he was a child, which meant he spent more time indoors than most kids his age. That’s where Peter fell in love with gaming and gadgets and so, it was no surprise that his perfect wish was for a Sony Shopping...

A Playful Birthday for Jaylon

  • Jaylon I wish to have a birthday party at Playdium

Wish Granted:

Jaylon’s big birthday bash began when he was picked up in a stretched limo and taken to Playdium. There, along with family and friends, he celebrated his big day with loads of food, playing videogames, a few rounds of golf, bumper cars and much more. The highlight of...

Chayley Gets the Bedroom of her Dreams

  • Chayley I wish to have a bedroom makeover

Wish Granted:

Toronto Designer and Contractor Ramsin Khachi went to wish child Chayley’s home and made her wish come true. Not only did he give her a room that was more colourful and vibrant than before, but it was a space in which Chayley could do her crafting, sewing, homework...