Zachary Gets Up Close & Personal With Polar Bears

The Story:

Zachary spends many desperate and painful days dealing with his specific medical condition. Since he’s just a young boy, his parents knew that replacing those negative days with a positive experience could help change Zachary’s life. And so, Zachary’s dream of seeing polar bears was about to become a reality.

Wish Granted:

For his wish to be fulfilled, Zachary and his family travelled to one of the most prime polar bear destinations in Canada – Churchill, Manitoba. There he enjoyed speeding across the Hudson Bay in a Zodiac while whale watching. And of course, seeing the polar bears up close in their natural habitat.


Although Zachary still lives with his medical condition, the memories and experiences at Churchill Wild remind him of a time when he was free from pain and worry. Zachary’s wish has given him newfound strength and hope for the future.

“We are so thankful for the generosity that has enabled our family to experience an incredible journey together where wonderful memories have replaced the difficult ones.

– Sarah, Zachary’s Mom 

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