A Unique Wish Fit for a Foodie

Arden is a thoughtful and creative kid who loves manga (a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels), art, building LEGO, and most importantly – he’s a big foodie!

Arden’s taste buds were affected by his oncology treatments, and he noticed he had a heightened appreciation for food once his sense of taste slowly returned. He suddenly became very interested in food preparation and the culinary arts.

He began doing research into Japanese food and culture and he wished to eat at Michelin star rated restaurant, Narisawa, in Tokyo, Japan.

Arden and his mom, Betty, flew to Tokyo—a city that Arden has always wanted to see, given his interest in manga and Japanese cuisine.

They were amazed by how bustling, clean, and beautiful Tokyo was. They loved exploring different parts of the city and Arden was thrilled to shop at specialty toy stores.

The highlight of the trip was the nine-course tasting menu at Narisawa. Arden was inspired by one of its signature dishes, Essence of the Forest, which he said was “awesome”.

As an added bonus, Arden and Betty met the chef and owner, Narisawa, who gave them a special, behind-the-scenes tour of his kitchen.

“At times, it seemed impossible that Arden would be able to travel to Tokyo, but he is so happy his wish came true. We will always remember our time together in Japan,” said Betty.

When a wish is granted, it does much more than bring joy to a child’s heart. For wish kids like Arden, who are faced with critical illnesses, a wish-come-true provides them with strength to battle through darkness and hope for healthier, happier days ahead.

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