Paige Has Her Moment in Mexico

The Story:

Paige was only a year old when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After that, she has spent many days feeling ill and has even gone through extensive surgery. But there was always one thing that brought her hope: going to Mexico and to spend time with her Grandma.

Wish Granted:

When she arrived at the airport with her family, Paige was greeted by Franklin the Turtle. In Mexico, she was able to enjoy a festive party at the resort, get serenaded by a mariachi band, stomp sandcastles on the beach and most of all, spend quality time with her Grandma.


Visiting Mexico with her family and seeing her Grandma is an experience that Paige will always cherish. It was a moment where she could be a child and forget about her illness. Most of all, it brought her family together to celebrate life.

“It helped us as parents to come to some level of closure about her brain tumor – and time to celebrate Paige’s life.  The joy brought to my daughter through her wish will always be remembered.”

– Andrea, Paige’s mom

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