McKenzie’s Heavenly Hawaiian Hideaway

The Story:

When you first meet McKenzie, you would never know that this shy and happy little girl was living with a life-threatening illness. One of her biggest passions is swimming, which is why it was no surprise when she expressed how much she wished to swim with dolphins in Hawaii.

Wish Granted:

On the day she left for her trip, McKenzie and her family were given a special send-off with musicians and hula dancers. While in Hawaii, McKenzie got to learn hula dancing, attend a luau, go on hiking adventures, play in the pool and the highlight of her trip – swimming with dolphins.


You can only imagine what a magical experience McKenzie had, especially when her dream of swimming with dolphins finally came true. It was a holiday of hope, and a way she could say goodbye to her troubles and “Aloha” to a brighter future.

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