Luke Boards a Mickey Boat

The Story:

At only 16 months old, Luke was diagnosed with leukemia. He has spent many weeks and months undergoing treatment, often being apart from his family. It has been a tough time to get through for both him and his family. But that never stopped hopeful Luke from dreaming about going on a “Mickey Boat”.
Wish Granted:

Luke’s wish came true when he was flown to Los Angeles with his family to board the Disney Wonder’s six-night cruise ship. He met all of his favourite Disney characters and was always kept entertained with the pool, meet-and-greets, live stage shows and all the interactive games on deck. It was a trip he never wanted to end.

By granting his wish, Luke was given the opportunity to be a kid for the first time. This happy and uplifting experience brought hope back into his life – and celebrated his 4th birthday shortly after returning from his trip.

“Just watching our son living through cancer is the most difficult thing we’ve been faced with. Luke is now nearing the end of his 3-year treatment and has been feeling great! It was like we left “cancer” at home. Thank you for giving Luke and our family the vacation of a lifetime.

-Kama, Luke’s Mom

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