Lucas’ Brit-Style Bedroom

The Story:

If anyone knows what it feels like to spend countless days in the bedroom, it’s Lucas. Living with a respiratory condition means that he receives three treatments every day in his room. When asked about his biggest wish, he knew he wanted a fun, comfortable and soothing oasis.

Wish Granted:

The first time Lucas saw his made over room, he couldn’t contain his excitement. Drawing inspiration from the Union Jack, the IKEA team designed a British themed bedroom so that Lucas could feel close to his brother. His new room was fully equipped with a new bunk bed, desk, TV and a secret hiding spot – the perfect hideaway for any kid.

Wish Impact:

Now Lucas has the perfect space not only to receive his daily treatments, but to entertain his friends when they visit as well. However, his bedroom wasn’t the only thing that had a makeover. Thanks to his wish being fulfilled, Lucas’s attitude is much more positive and he’s able to enjoy the little things in life much more.

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