Hannah lives the high life in 'The Hills'

When Hannah’s parents found out that an infection had severely damaged her kidneys at the tender age of three, they were understandably concerned. But Hannah did not let her health slow her down one bit; her early years were characterized by her easy-going nature, her determination and her desire to be treated like any other little girl. Up until the age of 15, Hannah continued to go about her day-to-day activities with the same resilience and zeal she’d demonstrated as a child. However, her damaged kidneys could no longer keep up with her growing body and it was time for a transplant. During the difficult recovery period, Hannah found out that Make-a-Wish® Northern Alberta was going to help her live out one of her dreams: meeting Lauren Conrad from the reality TV-series ‘The Hills’. 

Being a fashion-forward 15-year-old, Hannah was overjoyed to learn that her wish would come true. Not only did Hannah get to meet Lauren in person and have lunch with her, but she was invited to a huge fashion show in Los Angeles where the reality-TV star was to debut her own fashion line, and as an unexpected bonus, got invited to the after-party. The family also spent several days exploring California, Disneyland and San Diego.

“It really provided an opportunity for us to focus on something other than all of the negative, challenging things that had been happening. We didn’t have to worry for a whole week about hospitals, about blood work, about tests. We just got to be a typical family having fun instead of focusing on all of the stress we had been under.” - Hannah’s mom

Hannah has now graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta and continues to pursue her hobby of fashion in her spare time.

Thank you to WestJet for helping to make Hannah’s wish so memorable.

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