Damien’s Prehistoric Discovery

The Story:

Damien hasn’t had the easiest childhood. Since he was diagnosed with his medical condition at a young age, he hasn’t been able to experience the joys of being a regular kid. He also gets tired very easily and spends more days at home and in the hospital than he would like. But it was during those times in isolation where he was able to discover his love for dinosaurs. When asked about the wish program, Damien knew he wanted nothing more than to go behind the scenes with the dinosaurs!

Wish Granted:

Damien became an honorary paleontologist when he visited the Royal Ontario Museum. He was given the unique opportunity to go behind the scenes and discover what paleontologists really do. With the help of some new friends, he learned how to prepare and preserve ancient dinosaur fossils. But more importantly, Damien was able to impress everyone with his knowledge and enthusiasm for dinosaurs.  


Damien’s wish was nothing short of a dream come true. Being a paleontologist for a day was one of the happiest experiences he’s had in a very long time and thanks to that, he now has something to look forward to in the near future – when he’s a real paleontologist making discoveries of his own.

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