Carey Price and the Montréal Canadiens Grant Transformational Wishes

Earlier this year, four very excited wish children came together for their wish to meet their hero, Montréal Canadiens’s goalie, Carey Price. Their families met at the Bell Sports Complex in Québec and shared a truly special moment together, watching their children’s wishes come true.


Tommy lives with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a degenerative muscle disorder, and he requires the use of a wheelchair to get around. His condition prevents him from taking part in certain activities, like his favourite sport, hockey. He wished for a chance to meet his hockey hero and go out on the ice to score on the Montréal goaltender.

“Carey Price is my idol and the best goalie in the world. He makes spectacular saves and is always in control,” says Tommy. “I wanted to meet him so he knew he was my favourite player.”

Tommy’s mother was understandably emotional when her son came off of the ice. “Tommy’s condition deprives him of a lot of things. He can’t play sports with his friends, and he needs help getting dressed, going to the washroom and taking showers. It’s not easy for a child,” she says. “To see him experience a special day like this is really wonderful for us!”

Logan was born with an immune deficiency disorder that means his body does not make antibodies to fight off illness. He receives weekly treatments to boost his immune system and maintain his health. Logan loves to play hockey and he wanted to meet Carey Price and have the chance to test his shooting skills on his favourite goaltender.

During his time with Carey Price, Logan asked him all about how he got started as a hockey player and how he prepares before a big game. Logan’s dad was affected watching Price and his son together on the ice and says, “To get here and finally see Price, and have that opportunity for Logan, he was all smiles, he was just staring at him, he was excited and I was excited for him.”

Brayden lives with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that mainly affects the digestive system and lungs. Brayden has to do treatments twice a day, breathing therapy and take several medications to help him digest his food. Brayden and his family do their best to stay optimistic in spite of these challenges, and his wish to meet his favourite hockey player, Carey Price, was a special moment for the entire family.

“We’ve been dealt a bad hand in life, but it’s what you make it. You’ve got to stay positive and focus on the good things like today. I’m so proud of him – he fights every day and he deserves this,” says Brayden’s dad. “Brayden got to do something that no typical 10-year-old boy gets to do. He got to meet, skate with, talk to, and shoot pucks on the greatest goaltender in the National Hockey League. This was our family’s very first trip together that didn’t involve a hospital.”

“Today was the best day of my life,” Brayden adds.

We were also happy to welcome 16-year-old Amelia from Make-A-Wish® Suffolk County in New York for her wish to meet Carey Price.

Special thanks to the Montréal Canadiens Children’s Foundation, the Montréal Canadiens Hockey Club and Carey Price for their help in granting these unforgettable wishes. Thank you to Brooks Brothers, Sony Canada, The Capital City Garrison of the 501st Legion, WestJet, PartyMart, Canadian Tire and TuGo for supporting these wishes.

Photos: Courtesy of the Montréal Canadiens Children’s Foundation


When a wish is granted, it does much more than bring joy to a child’s heart. For kids like Tommy, Logan and Brayden who are living with critical illnesses, a wish-come-true provides them with strength to battle through darkness and gives them hope for healthier, happier days ahead. 

Be part of the magic and transform the lives of children living with critical illnesses. Help grant a wish by donating today.   

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