Aubrey’s wish created joy for her friends at the hospital

In October of 2018, then-three-year-old Aubrey had her wish granted to share a circus with friends come true. Aubrey was diagnosed with leukemia when she was just 18-months old.  Aubrey underwent radiation, but her cancer was chemotherapy-resistant, and her best hope for survival was for a bone marrow transplant.  Aubrey’s father, Allan, was a half-match, and donated his bone marrow to help try and save his daughter. The bone marrow transplant was successful.

During her radiation treatments in the hospital, Aubrey made a number of friends on the oncology ward. She is outgoing, loves performance, loves costumes, and loves to share. From these loves, a wish to share a circus with her friends was born. Aubrey handed out invitations to her friends in hospital, and all those who were able to attend were welcome.

A special circus was staged in a warehouse, and Aubrey was outfitted in a custom-made fairy princess costume for her special day. Vancouver Circus School brought performers: an aerialist, a contortionist, a juggler and the cotton candy queen. An illusionist and face painters also attended, and the whole warehouse was transformed into a big top circus.

Today, Aubrey is almost five and a half years old, and her parent's report that her health is great. “We now ONLY go for a yearly checkup,” said her mom, Megan. “We feel beyond lucky every single day.”

Aubrey’s wish is now two years behind her, and she remains happy and engaged, dancing, making up songs, playing dress up and taking part in gymnastics. She’s also learned to ride a bike.

Watching Aubrey find delight in imagined or simple pleasures, like collecting dandelions gone to seed, is such an incredible joy” said Megan. “I think we now have a deeper appreciation for those little moments as a result of our time in hospital with Aubrey.  

We are so immensely grateful for the many, many players involved in making Aubrey's recovery possible, and a process filled with such a special focus on care. The heroes that are blood donors, healthcare workers, wish granters, and more.... you have had a profoundly meaningful impact on our lives. Thank you!”

We’re grateful to Aubrey’s family for giving us an update on her health! September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month—watch our social media channels for more stories and images from wish kids who have battled cancer, and found hope, strength and joy through a granted wish.

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