Alexis Meets Taylor Swift

The Story:

At a very young age, frequent visits to the hospital and the doctor’s was the norm for Alexis. Her illness even got in the way of school because she was either too tired or too sick to keep up. If anything kept her spirits up, it was the music of her favourite singer, Taylor Swift. And what was once a dream of Alexis’ to meet the famed star, eventually turned to a reality. 

Wish Granted:

On the day of her wish, Alexis was driven to the concert stadium in a stretch limo with her parents. Alexis was overjoyed watching her idol in concert, playing and singing the songs she only heard at home. But the highlight of the concert was the surreal moment when Taylor came down the aisle and gave Alexis a big hug.

Wish Impact:

Shortly after Alexis was granted her wish, she went into surgery. But it was the power and magic of that special wish that helped Alexis fight through the difficult times and her recovery.

“When we had tough days in the hospital and during recovery we were able to tell Alexis to think about her wish.”

~Alexis’ Mom

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