Adam Is “Top Gun” For a Day

The Story:

Over the past few years, Adam has gone through many struggles at a very young age. Being diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and living with Leukemia, his childhood hasn’t been filled with fun and games like most. Despite his illness, Adam is a history and World War II buff, and his one true wish was to go and fly in a fighter jet.
Wish Granted:

In May, Adam got his “Top Gun” adventure when pilot Ed McDonald took Adam for a ride in his own personal L-39 fighter jet. Adam felt the thrill and exhilaration of the jet as they soared into the sky over BC`s Canadian Forces Base Comox while pulling 2G’s.

Adam got to experience his one true wish and forget about his illness for that special day. It alleviated all of the struggles he has been through in the past two years and permitted him to be just a kid again.  

“I literally had tears in my eyes seeing Adam enjoy his wish so much. After everything he’s been through fighting leukemia for the past year, to see him have this day was simply incredible!”-Greg Pearson, Adam’s Dad
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