Kayte’s Story

Kayte, wish granted 2008 (cancer)   Kayte, wish granted 2008 (cancer)

I wish to go to New York City!   I wish to go to New York City!

While Kayte’s been cancer free for over 15 years now, her medical journey wasn’t easy. In March 2007, Kayte was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at just 16 years old. She went from being a regular teenage girl obsessing over crushes and worrying about bad hair days to losing her hair and undergoing intensive chemotherapy to shrink a soccer-ball-sized tumor before it could be removed.  

When her recovery began, she felt worse than when she was diagnosed, and it was hard for her to imagine a time when she would feel better. “All my peers were getting ready to start their lives and prepare for their futures, and I was still convinced that I would never have a life or a future,” Kayte explained. She went on, “During those first months of recovery, my wish was something to look forward to.” 

Kayte wished to go to New York City to visit a publishing house. At the time, she wanted to write a book about her experience with cancer and learn about the process. While in New York, Kayte and her parents took in the sights and sounds of the Big Apple, all the time reconnecting as a family. “We were given the gift of forgetting about the nightmares of cancer and recovery, and it was the most amazing thing for all of us,” she said. 

Kayte’s wish was a bright spot in an otherwise difficult journey, and its impact has been long-lasting. “There have been dark days, but my wish always reminded me that better days were coming, and they finally have. Today I am cancer free, and the healthiest and happiest I have ever been.” 

Kayte has recently launched her own business and enjoys spending time with her partner Alex and their dog Frasier. “I’m living the life I never believed would be possible, and I am grateful every day.