Aubrey’s Story

Aubrey, wish granted 2018 (leukemia)   Aubrey, wish granted 2018 (leukemia)

I wish to have my own circus   I wish to have my own circus

Just 18 months old when she was diagnosed with leukemia, Aubrey’s medical journey was not easy. Her cancer was chemotherapy resistant, so she required more intensive chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant from her father Allan. The donation worked, and Aubrey successfully fought off the cancer inside of her. 

During her time in hospital, Aubrey made a number of friends on the oncology ward. Being outgoing, loving costumes and performers, and knowing what her friends were also experiencing, she naturally wanted to include them. Her wish to share a circus with her friends came true in 2018 when she was three years old.  

When the big day arrived, it was a day like no other. Aubrey’s circus was a spectacle of pink and teal complete with circus performers, jugglers, carnival games, face painting, cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs, mini-donuts and more. Aubrey had the starring role dressed as a fairy princess. 

Not only was her wish a day full of fun, but the best part for Aubrey was that other kids at the hospital got to have fun too. “It really made me feel special”, she recalled. 

Now seven years old and in grade 2, Aubrey remains a happy, engaged kid: dancing, making up songs, playing dress up and taking part in gymnastics. She’s also learned to ride a bike.  

Aubrey’s message for other kids currently facing their own medical challenge: “Know that you are AMAZING!”