Victoria's wish helps her overcome her fears

Victoria was born with a severe blood disorder that causes periodic episodes of pain in her bones, chest and abdomen. The pain varies in intensity and can last up to a few weeks. She lives in constant fear of being hospitalized when her medical condition worsens.

To take her mind off the pain, Victoria loves to watch Korean anime films. She is fascinated by Korean culture and wished to have a travel adventure in South Korea.

Victoria travelled to Seoul, South Korea with her family and learned so much about the country’s rich culture and unique traditions. She tried authentic South Korean food from the local markets and absolutely loved the local cuisine.

“At the beginning, my family was wondering why I wanted to go to South Korea. Once we arrived and they saw how it was there, they loved it as well. I’ll always remember everything from the trip, because I loved it so much,” says Victoria.

Instead of worrying about her critical illness on the trip, Victoria focussed on having fun and creating meaningful memories with her family. The trip to Seoul helped her realize that by focusing on the positives and live life without fear.

Thank you to the Sports Experts Centre-Ville team in Montréal for supporting Victoria’s life-changing wish trip.

When a wish is granted, it does much more than bring joy to a child’s heart. For wish kids like Victoria, who are faced with critical illnesses, a wish-come-true provides them with strength to battle through darkness and hope for healthier, happier days ahead.

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