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Amy's wish to be a kid again

Amy’s mother describes her daughter as an articulate and talkative little girl; a mature young lady from the time she was a toddler.

One day, Amy’s mother noticed tiny red dots appearing underneath her daughter’s eye. A few days later, she noticed another red dot underneath the other eye. At...

Erik’s wish gave him the strength to keep fighting

Erik’s father remembers his son as a lively baby. He was constantly laughing, tried to pull pranks on his family, and he lit up each room he entered. However, at night, Erik would cry and have trouble sleeping. “It was almost like he had night terrors,” says his father. “There...

Oscar Goes Where Dreams Come True

The Story:

Oscar looks like a typical 4 year-old kid, but the pain he has lived with all his life and the number of hospital treatments he’s had, paint a different picture.  When his wish story to go to Walt Disney World® was shown on a local news channel, the...

Alexa’s Princess Birthday at Walt Disney World®

  • Walt Disney World

The Story:

At such a young age, Alexa had already undergone three open-heart surgeries. During her recovery time, she always asked about the Disney princesses and how she could meet them one day. That’s when her parents knew what her perfect wish would be.