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Kyle's Wish Brings Him Comfort and Joy

Kyle is a funny teenager who loves video games and watching sports. While he has the same interests as many kids his age, he has faced a lot of adversity for someone so young. At age two, Kyle's parents took him to the doctor when he became lethargic and developed...

Hannah lives the high life in 'The Hills'

When Hannah’s parents found out that an infection had severely damaged her kidneys at the tender age of three, they were understandably concerned. But Hannah did not let her health slow her down one bit; her early years were characterized by her easy-going nature, her determination and her desire to...

Kael's Wish for a Hideout

  • Kael's Wish for a Hideout

Meet Kael, an active nine-year-old from Frankville, Ontario. As you watch him run around and play with his siblings, you would never believe that he has endured more battles than most children his age. Kael was diagnosed with a rare immune deficiency disorder when he was five years old, and...