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Izel has always felt better when she's dancing

Five-year-old Izel has been through a lot in her young life. She was diagnosed with Wilms tumour — a rare kidney cancer — when she was only 15 months old. After surgery to remove her right kidney and three months of chemotherapy, her family hoped for the best. 

But two...

Gabriela Experiences the Healing Power of Music

Gabriela is a shy 12-year-old who recently had a life-saving liver transplant. Her medical condition meant she qualified for a transformational experience from Make-A-Wish.

Gabriela loves music and dreamed of having her very own piano to play at home. Thanks to Yamaha Canada, her wish came true!

On the day...

Tyler's wish proved he can do anything

In 2012, 16-year-old Tyler played AAA hockey and dreamed of playing professionally. His goal was put on hold indefinitely after discovering that he had a form of soft tissue cancer, resulting in eight months of chemotherapy and the amputation of his left leg.

Tyler and his family were devastated by...

Haven’s Wish to Meet Actor Jay Baruchel

Fifteen-year-old Haven loves drama class, seeing musical theatre productions and watching her favourite movies on repeat. It’s safe to say that she’s caught the acting bug and nothing will keep her from chasing her dreams, not even cancer.

In 2017, Haven was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. She underwent...

Soham’s Wish Makes A Difference

Some wishes are so big, they cross oceans and touch many lives.

When Soham was seven years old, her family moved to Canada from South Africa, settling in British Columbia. She enjoyed a carefree childhood like any other kid, until the day everything changed. Soham was diagnosed with a brain...

Olivia makes friends with a Minion

Olivia is a bubbly, kind, inquisitive girl, who loves painting, biking, and swimming. But her parents say that she seems like “a brand new kid” since recovering from her liver transplant — she has more energy and even started playing hockey.

Olivia absolutely loves the Despicable Me and Minions movies. When...

Miranda's perfect wish comes true

Miranda was an outspoken, vibrant little girl. As a child, she was energetic, fun, and loved to use vocabulary that stretched beyond her years. Tiny but mighty, Miranda’s dad described her in one word: motivated. “Once she got something in her mind, she wasn’t afraid to put steps in place...

Kael's Wish for a Hideout

  • Kael's Wish for a Hideout

Meet Kael, an active nine-year-old from Frankville, Ontario. As you watch him run around and play with his siblings, you would never believe that he has endured more battles than most children his age. Kael was diagnosed with a rare immune deficiency disorder when he was five years old, and...