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Antonina's Once in a Lifetime Zoo Experience

Antonina is a kind and compassionate kid living with a nervous system disorder. Her condition means that she spends most of her time in a wheelchair. She can walk with assistance for short periods, but physical activity tires her quickly.

Antonina loves being around animals and wished for the opportunity...

A life-changing wish is granted to Yugh from Nunavut

Make-A-Wish grants wishes to children from all provinces and territories, from big cities to small towns and everywhere in between.

We were thrilled to grant our first wish to a child living in Nunavut last year. 

Yugh loves watching WWE® and wished to meet his favourite Superstar, John Cena. Yugh...

A Young Film Buff Enjoys His Dream Vacation

Darcy is a spirited, creative, fashion-forward kid who has a wide variety of interests. He rocks the colour pink, has his own YouTube channel (where he gives audiences helpful tips and tricks about video gaming), loves swimming, dodgeball, and playing the harmonica.

Darcy lives with a progressive neuromuscular disorder, but...

Louis' wish brings him comfort and joy

Louis loves spending time in his backyard, surrounded by beautiful trees and chirping birds. Because of his neurological disorder, Louis couldn’t stay outside for a very long time in the warmer months because he can't move well on his own and is unable to swat away bugs. Louis' medical condition has limited...

Brayden's Wish Inspires His Community

Brayden’s medical condition causes progressive muscle weakness. He is able to walk, but tires easily from the physical exertion. Despite this, Brayden is a very active child who loves the outdoors. He is fascinated by ATVs, ambulances, and like many kids his age, he loves firetrucks. 

Carey Price and the Montréal Canadiens Grant Transformational Wishes

Earlier this year, four very excited wish children came together for their wish to meet their hero, Montréal Canadiens’s goalie, Carey Price. Their families met at the Bell Sports Complex in Québec and shared a truly special moment together, watching their children’s wishes come true.


Tommy lives with Duchenne muscular...