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Parker’s Wish Promised a Summer of Adventure

Parker was diagnosed with T-Cell lymphoblastic lymphoma: Stage 4 in May of 2016 and is still going through treatment. He has been through a lot for someone his age; his carefree childhood put on hold as he battles cancer. Parker loves camping, fishing and hiking with his family and what...

Nicholas Becomes a BMX Pro

  • Nicholas becomes a bmx pro

Nicholas loves BMX biking, snowboarding...

PJ's Wish To Be Prime Minister

  • PJ's Wish To Be Prime Minister

Prabjote, or ‘PJ’ as his friends call him, is a teenager with a passion for politics. In fact, he aspires to be Canada's prime minister someday. But the future didn't always look hopeful for PJ, as he battled Hodgkin lymphoma — a life-threatening medical condition that kept him away from school and...

Yancy's Icelandic Adventure

  • Yancy's Icelandic Adventure

Most 17-year-olds have a lot to celebrate as they prepare to enter into adulthood: high school graduations, new chapters in their lives, and futures with endless possibilities. But 17-year-old Yancy had another reason to celebrate — she was recovering from a long battle with Hodgkin lymphoma, and could finally see...