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Damien’s Prehistoric Discovery

The Story:

Damien hasn’t had the easiest childhood. Since he was diagnosed with his medical condition at a young age, he hasn’t been able to experience the joys of being a regular kid. He also gets tired very easily and spends more days at home and in the hospital than...

Maya Pirouettes Into The Spotlight

The Story:

Maya has not had an easy life. She was diagnosed at the very young age of 2 and has been undergoing years of treatment ever since. But nothing has stopped this little showgirl from doing what she loves best – dancing. Which is why seeing a professional


McKenzie’s Heavenly Hawaiian Hideaway

The Story:

When you first meet McKenzie, you would never know that this shy and happy little girl was living with a life-threatening illness. One of her biggest passions is swimming, which is why it was no surprise when she expressed how much she wished to swim with dolphins in...

Oscar Goes Where Dreams Come True

The Story:

Oscar looks like a typical 4 year-old kid, but the pain he has lived with all his life and the number of hospital treatments he’s had, paint a different picture.  When his wish story to go to Walt Disney World® was shown on a local news channel, the...

Luke Boards a Mickey Boat

  • Disney Cruise

The Story:

At only 16 months old, Luke was diagnosed with leukemia. He has spent many weeks and months undergoing treatment, often being apart from his family. It has been a tough time to get through for both him and his family. But that never stopped hopeful Luke from dreaming...

Adam Is “Top Gun” For a Day

The Story:

Over the past few years, Adam has gone through many struggles at a very young age. Being diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and living with Leukemia, his childhood hasn’t been filled with fun and games like most. Despite his illness, Adam is...

Peter’s Perfect Tech Gift

  • Peter I wish for a Sony shopping spree

The Story:

Peter was diagnosed with his illness when he was a child, which meant he spent more time indoors than most kids his age. That’s where Peter fell in love with gaming and gadgets and so, it was no surprise that his perfect wish was for a Sony Shopping...