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Aiden Becomes Canada’s Prime Minister

Aiden, 15, is a teenager with a passion for politics. When his heart condition made him eligible for a Make-A-Wish experience, Aiden knew right away that he wanted to be the nation's leader.

Together with the assistance of the Prime Minister's Office, House of Commons of Canada, RCMP, Prime Minister's...

Fionn's Day With The Calgary Flames

For serious hockey fan, Fionn, when it came to choosing a wish there was only one that would do: To become a member of his favourite NHL hockey team, the Calgary Flames. At a packed news conference on Fionn’s wish day, Flames General Manager, Brad Treliving, announced the signing of the...

Brandt's New York City Adventure

Brandt is a friendly eight-year-old living with a congenital heart condition. He survived major heart surgery at a very young age, and he still experiences some effects from the surgery today.

Brandt doesn’t let his medical condition keep him from dreaming big and being adventurous. He wished to visit New...

Lily thrives on her wish trip

Lily is an energetic five-year-old who loves cartoons and playing with her family and her dog, Lola. Lily was adopted by her parents, Crystal and Jessica, when she was just five months old and from the beginning, they knew that their little girl would face some major health challenges. Lily...