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Luke's Trip on a Big Cruise Ship

When we met Luke and his family we got an immediate feeling that they were a close knit family who loved each other tremendously. Luke bravely battled a rare form of childhood cancer and while his family’s world was turned upside down, they stayed strong and looked forward to a happier...

Jeremiah's Dream Family Vacation

Jeremiah is a happy-go-lucky seven-year-old with an infectious smile. When he was just three years old, he was diagnosed with a blood disorder that affects his bone marrow and can lead to numerous health complications throughout his life. He is predisposed to developing tumours and cancer. In order to fight...

Mariana's Wish Helped Her Find Purpose

For Mariana, her wish to go on a cruise in 2013 was about more than simply having a dream fulfilled; it was a life-changing experience.

Born in Mexico, Mariana moved with her family to Canada as a young child. Learning English as a second language, she struggled to fit in due...

Matthew Gets A Cruise to Remember

  • Matthew wished to go on a cruise

The Story:

All his life, Matthew was used to taking his medicine and routine visits to the doctor. But that never held him back from spreading his infectious spirit and big heart with others. When Matthew learned about the wish process, setting sail with...

Luke Boards a Mickey Boat

  • Disney Cruise

The Story:

At only 16 months old, Luke was diagnosed with leukemia. He has spent many weeks and months undergoing treatment, often being apart from his family. It has been a tough time to get through for both him and his family. But that never stopped hopeful Luke from dreaming...