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Bridget and Sophie's Wish Renews Their Optimism

Twin sisters, Bridget and Sophie, were elite swim athletes whose lives changed in an instant. While the girls were training at the pool, Sophie suffered a massive heart attack and began to drown. Bridget jumped into the pool to save her and after 11 minutes of CPR and use of...

Aiden Becomes Canada’s Prime Minister

Aiden, 15, is a teenager with a passion for politics. When his heart condition made him eligible for a Make-A-Wish experience, Aiden knew right away that he wanted to be the nation's leader.

Together with the assistance of the Prime Minister's Office, House of Commons of Canada, RCMP, Prime Minister's...

Fionn's Day With The Calgary Flames

For serious hockey fan, Fionn, when it came to choosing a wish there was only one that would do: To become a member of his favourite NHL hockey team, the Calgary Flames. At a packed news conference on Fionn’s wish day, Flames General Manager, Brad Treliving, announced the signing of the...

Brandon swims with stingrays

Brandon lives with a cardiac condition that has impacted his health since birth. Brandon is adventurous and curious about the world around him and he especially loves the water and marine animals. When he found out that he could receive a wish, he knew exactly what he wanted: to swim with the stingrays at Ripley’s...

Alexis Meets Taylor Swift

  • Alexis I wish to meet Taylor Swift

The Story:

At a very young age, frequent visits to the hospital and the doctor’s was the norm for Alexis. Her illness even got in the way of school because she was either too tired or too sick to keep up. If anything kept her spirits up, it was the...