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Erik’s wish gave him the strength to keep fighting

Erik’s father remembers his son as a lively baby. He was constantly laughing, tried to pull pranks on his family, and he lit up each room he entered. However, at night, Erik would cry and have trouble sleeping. “It was almost like he had night terrors,” says his father. “There...

Yancy's Icelandic Adventure

  • Yancy's Icelandic Adventure

Most 17-year-olds have a lot to celebrate as they prepare to enter into adulthood: high school graduations, new chapters in their lives, and futures with endless possibilities. But 17-year-old Yancy had another reason to celebrate — she was recovering from a long battle with Hodgkin lymphoma, and could finally see...

Inaara Strikes A Pose For A Cause

The Story:

Being diagnosed with cancer at a young age isn’t easy. And although cancer can be ugly, Inaara has always loved everything inspired by beauty – like fashion and make-up. When she was asked to be a model as part of Macy’s Believe campaign, Inaara’s biggest wish was going to come...

Bishop’s Toy Story Dream Comes to Life

  • Bishop I wish to meet Buzz Lightyear

Name: Bishop

Age: 5-years-old

Illness: Liver Cancer

Wish: To go to Walt Disney World® and meet Buzz Lightyear

Chapter: Southern Alberta

The Story:

Being diagnosed with cancer at such a young age...

A Memorable Chapter for Rayvn

  • Rayvn I Wish for a Chapters shopping spree

The Story:

Having spent many days in the hospital for surgery, Rayvn uses books as an escape. To her, books are Disneyland – a place where she can travel to and experience magical things. And for that reason, her wish for a Chapters shopping spree was the perfect request.