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A Unique Wish Fit for a Foodie

Arden is a thoughtful and creative kid who loves manga (a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels), art, building LEGO, and most importantly – he’s a big foodie!

Arden’s taste buds were affected by his oncology treatments, and he noticed he had a heightened appreciation for food once...

Haven’s Wish to Meet Actor Jay Baruchel

Fifteen-year-old Haven loves drama class, seeing musical theatre productions and watching her favourite movies on repeat. It’s safe to say that she’s caught the acting bug and nothing will keep her from chasing her dreams, not even cancer.

In 2017, Haven was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. She underwent...

Soham’s Wish Makes A Difference

Some wishes are so big, they cross oceans and touch many lives.

When Soham was seven years old, her family moved to Canada from South Africa, settling in British Columbia. She enjoyed a carefree childhood like any other kid, until the day everything changed. Soham was diagnosed with a brain...

Brenda’s wish inspired her to keep dreaming

As a child, Brenda was always very bubbly and happy. She spent the first few months of her life as any child would, creating happy memories with her family. However, around nine months of age, Brenda’s parents realized that something was amiss with their sweet child, and decided to visit...

Connolly joins the Winnipeg Jets

  •  Connolly joins the Winnipeg Jets

Outgoing, inquisitive, intelligent, engaging, talkative – these are just a few words we’d use to describe Connolly, a 10-year old boy, who recently had his once-in-a-lifetime wish granted. Connolly went through brain surgery after being diagnosed with a tumour on his brain stem, hydrocephalus (excess fluid on his brain) and...

Paige Has Her Moment in Mexico

The Story:

Paige was only a year old when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After that, she has spent many days feeling ill and has even gone through extensive surgery. But there was always one thing that brought her hope: going to Mexico and to spend time with...

Liam's LEGOLAND® Adventure

  • Liam's wish to go to LEGOLAND®

The Story:

If there was one thing that makes Liam feel at peace while battling his disease, it’s the freedom he gets when playing and being creative with LEGO. Which is why having the opportunity to visit the magical LEGOLAND proved to be the perfect wish for him.

Wish Granted:...