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Xander’s Backyard makeover!

Xander loves to play basketball and spend time with his family. He’s a protective big brother who would do anything for his two little brothers. At age 13, Xander was diagnosed with cancer.

Xander’s diagnosis put some of his plans on hold while he underwent chemotherapy and focused on his...

Nicole’s Wish is The Perfect Escape

Nicole is a shy, smart kid who loves art and dreams of travelling to many different countries in the future. About two and a half years ago, Nicole wasn’t feeling well and experienced a few fevers. After several hospital visits and medical tests, it was discovered that she had leukemia....

Marshall's Playground Wish Comes True

  • Marshall's wish for a playground

Meet Marshall, a bubbly eight-year-old boy, with a big heart and a bright disposition. Marshall lives with an immune disorder, which often makes him sick due to a lack of immunity to viruses and infections. He wanted, more than anything, to have a space in his home where he could...