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Marshall's Playground Wish Comes True

  • Marshall's wish for a playground

Meet Marshall, a bubbly eight-year-old boy, with a big heart and a bright disposition. Marshall lives with an immune disorder, which often makes him sick due to a lack of immunity to viruses and infections. He wanted, more than anything, to have a space in his home where he could...

Saskia’s wish restored her faith in goodness

Saskia, along with her family, is no stranger to hardships. She was just a child when she lost her father to a sudden heart attack, and soon after that shock, her family was dealt another blow when Saskia was diagnosed with lupus at just 10 years of age....

Kael's Wish for a Hideout

  • Kael's Wish for a Hideout

Meet Kael, an active nine-year-old from Frankville, Ontario. As you watch him run around and play with his siblings, you would never believe that he has endured more battles than most children his age. Kael was diagnosed with a rare immune deficiency disorder when he was five years old, and...