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Amy's wish to be a kid again

Amy’s mother describes her daughter as an articulate and talkative little girl; a mature young lady from the time she was a toddler.

One day, Amy’s mother noticed tiny red dots appearing underneath her daughter’s eye. A few days later, she noticed another red dot underneath the other eye. At...

Rebecca's Gift of Optimism

As a child, Rebecca loved to ride her bike, read, play with her dog, and take care of her little sister. “She loved her sister so much that she was basically a third parent to her,” her father says. “She told her what to do all the time.” But, when...

Garcia's Pirate Adventure

  • Garcia's Pirate Adventure

Swimming, playgrounds and visiting the beach are just some of the things Garcia missed out on while battling a hematologic disorder. At just five years old, this young boy is grateful for every memory he shares with his family and friends.

For his one true wish, granted by Make-A-Wish® Southwestern Ontario,...