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Gabriela Experiences the Healing Power of Music

Gabriela is a shy 12-year-old who recently had a life-saving liver transplant. Her medical condition meant she qualified for a transformational experience from Make-A-Wish.

Gabriela loves music and dreamed of having her very own piano to play at home. Thanks to Yamaha Canada, her wish came true!

On the day...

Rees' wish reminds him to never give up

Rees is 17 and in grade 11. He’s on the honour roll and he won rookie of the year for both the football and baseball teams. He also recently got his driver’s license, and bought his first car with his own money. 

It all sounds almost typical, but this well-rounded, high-achieving...

Natasia's wish was the perfect escape

Natasia is her parent’s little angel, and as a child, she was full of life and spirit. However, when she was two, Natasia developed leukemia – a cancer of the blood.  

The diagnosis was devastating for Natasia’s parents. “It leaves you empty, afraid, speechless – you can’t believe it’s...

Kalista's Wish Makes Her Smile Again

Until the age of two-and-a-half, Kalista, who goes by Kali, was a very high-spirited child. She was always smiling, laughing, talking, and was very passionate about getting her message across. “Whether she was angry or happy, she made sure everyone knew about it,” says Kali’s mother.

Kali was diagnosed with...

Erik’s wish gave him the strength to keep fighting

Erik’s father remembers his son as a lively baby. He was constantly laughing, tried to pull pranks on his family, and he lit up each room he entered. However, at night, Erik would cry and have trouble sleeping. “It was almost like he had night terrors,” says his father. “There...

Mariana's Wish Helped Her Find Purpose

For Mariana, her wish to go on a cruise in 2013 was about more than simply having a dream fulfilled; it was a life-changing experience.

Born in Mexico, Mariana moved with her family to Canada as a young child. Learning English as a second language, she struggled to fit in due...

Ashley's day with the Toronto Blue Jays

Ashley is an ambitious and talented 14-year-old. She is the MVP of her baseball team, a pianist, one belt away from obtaining her black belt in Karate, and an extraordinary artist. Ashley was diagnosed with Takayasu arteritis, a disorder that causes blood vessel inflammation, a year before her wish was...

Oscar Goes Where Dreams Come True

The Story:

Oscar looks like a typical 4 year-old kid, but the pain he has lived with all his life and the number of hospital treatments he’s had, paint a different picture.  When his wish story to go to Walt Disney World® was shown on a local news channel, the...

Katlyn’s Room Gets an Entertaining Upgrade

  • Katlyn

The Story:

From the time she was six months old, Katlyn was quarantined in the hospital up until she was over a year old. Although she’s a loving and compassionate young girl, she has spent most of her childhood isolated due to her medical...

Peter’s Perfect Tech Gift

  • Peter I wish for a Sony shopping spree

The Story:

Peter was diagnosed with his illness when he was a child, which meant he spent more time indoors than most kids his age. That’s where Peter fell in love with gaming and gadgets and so, it was no surprise that his perfect wish was for a Sony Shopping...