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It Takes a                                                        TABLE OF CONTENTS

        Community…                                                        Jeri-Ann’s wish to y                    1

                                                                          Arvin’s wish to meet DeMar DeRozan       1

                                                                          Kael’s wish to have his very own hideout  2

                                                                          Lights, Camera, Action: Jack’s wish      2

                                                                          Blue Jays Wishes Come True               3

                                                                          Why A Wish                               4

                                                                          Everyday Hero: Debbie Fox                5

                                                                          Rope for Hope Meets 2016                 6
                                                                          Fundraising Goal

        Wishes have the ability to empower, renew and transform the       Give the Gift of a Wish Each Month       7
        lives they touch. Their magic often reaches far beyond the children
        receiving them, impacting families, friends, neighbours and complete   Your Support Transforms Lives       8
        strangers for years to come.
                                                                          Follow the Leader: PJ’s wish to be     10
        Thanks to your support, Make-A-Wish continues to grant these wishes   prime minister
        to extraordinary kids with life-threatening medical conditions in   Donors                               11
        communities across Canada.
        “We have always appreciated every day, but life gets              Corporate Sponsorships & Support       12
        busy and hectic and we so easily forget to savour the             Partners & Supporters                  13
        time we have together. The wish, in a very beautiful

        way, returned us to that place.” – Wish Parent

        Your generosity has helped grant wishes like PJ’s (pictured on cover)   Callie, 4
                                                                         Wilms Tumour
        whose love for politics led him to Ottawa earlier this year where he
        became prime minister.                                           I wish to meet princesses
        Our mission plays a vital role amongst the hospital stays and
        medications, surgeries and doctor’s visits. Wishes can turn tears into
        smiles and create optimism for a brighter future.

        We can’t thank you enough for all that you do. Your heartfelt
        kindness delivers hope at a time of doubt, strength during a moment
        of weakness and joy when there is sadness. You are wish heroes.

        With sincere gratitude,
        The Make-A-Wish Team

        Editor: Deborah Waines-Bauer
        Assistant Editor: Megan Van Woezik
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