MSI Canada’s Summer 2021 MGA Dragon Cup

July, 2021

Make-A-Wish® Canada is excited to be the charity partner for MSI Canada and their Summer 2021 MGA Dragon Cup! The main goal is to unite gamers from all across Canada in friendly competitions. Participants will have a chance to win some awesome prizes, but more importantly, play a role in helping MSI reach their fundraising goal of $25,000 for Make-A-Wish® to grant the most heartfelt wishes for children with critical illnesses.

We recently sat down (virtually, of course) with Michelle Ye, Marketing Specialist at MSI Canada to talk about this partnership and what it all means, to her and the MSI Canada Team.

Make-A-Wish Canada (MAWC): Thanks so much for taking the time with us today Michelle. Can you let us know a little about yourself and your role with MSI Canada?

Michelle Ye (MY): Hi, my name is Michelle, and I work as a Marketing Specialist at MSI Canada. I am honoured and excited to be able to speak with you and provide some details into what the Summer 2021 MGA Dragon Cup is all about as well as some insights into what this partnership mean.

MAWC: Tell us a bit about MSI’s Dragon Cup.

MY: The MSI Canada MGA Dragon Cup is an online tournament that we host at least twice a year. Here at MSI, we believe that games are a powerful medium that can elicit so many positive emotions, while bringing people together. The Dragon Cup tournaments aim to unite gamers from all across the country via friendly virtual gaming competitions.

Winners, and lucky participants, get to walk away with some of our newest gear which will help them perform even better in their future gaming endeavours! It’s our way of giving back to gamers and providing some really great entertainment to our gaming community.

MAWC: What inspired you, MSI Canada, to want to partner with Make-A-Wish?

MY: We partnered with Make-A-Wish because we know the life-changing impact a wish can have on a child’s life. Reading through and hearing about some of the wishes that have been granted, it becomes clear that a wish is an essential part of a child’s treatment protocol – and we want to be a part of helping Make-A-Wish positively impact as many lives as possible.

We also believe in the power and generosity of the gaming community and the Make-A-Wish donor community. We feel that this partnership will be a great way to draw more attention towards the cause and to raise funds to help continue granting wishes.

MAWC: What has this partnership meant for you, personally, and others within MSI?

MY: This partnership means a lot to us here at MSI. We see the brilliant work that Make-A-Wish does on a daily basis. They really are miracle workers, that continuously strive to give back to the children and communities where they live.

When possible, we try our best to give back to our communities as well, which is why we teamed up with Make-A-Wish.

As a leading brand focussed on shaping the future of technology, we believe that gaming can be more than just that – but a valuable form of healing, entertainment and empowerment. That’s why, in addition to raising money through the Dragon Cup, we also plan on fully sponsoring/granting a couple of gaming wishes this year as well! Whether the child plans on using their MSI sponsored wish to pass time between treatments or to help them on the journey to becoming an esports professional, it is an honour for MSI to support Make-A-Wish children along their journey.

MAWC: If you could have one wish, what would it be?

MY: If we could have one wish come true, it would be to smash our $25,000 fundraising goal and have our tournament trend! The more exposure and money we raise, the more wishes we can help grant. We can’t wait to see you all share this event, tune in and donate what you can all to show your support for this amazing cause!! 🙂

MSI Canada Dragon Cup Summer 2021 will be taking place on Saturday, July 10th for the qualifier rounds & Saturday, July 17th for the quarter and semi-finals. Participants will be playing in the multiplayer online battle arena of League of Legends.

If you’re interested in putting a team, register here to secure your spot. Or, if you are unbale to participate you can make donations directly to this event here.

We look forward to seeing who will come out victorious and what we can all achieve for Make-A-Wish and the children they serve!