Kyle's Wish Brings Him Comfort and Joy

Kyle is a funny teenager who loves video games and watching sports. While he has the same interests as many kids his age, he has faced a lot of adversity for someone so young. At age two, Kyle's parents took him to the doctor when he became lethargic and developed a rash on his body. After about a week of testing, Kyle's medical condition was diagnosed and he had a rare form of leukemia.

In the years since, Kyle has missed a lot of school due to his illness. When his platelets get low he needs transfusions three to four times a week. He had a bone marrow transplant in May of 2017 to combat his condition. To avoid infection while his immune system was compromised after surgery, he spent most of his time indoors and couldn't be around large groups of people.

Kyle would have loved to go on a special vacation for his wish, but due to his medical condition, traveling by airplane isn't possible. Instead, his wish granting volunteers helped him come up with a wish that would make him happier at home. This is how the idea of the "Kyle Cave" was born. Kyle wished for his own custom designed space at home where he could enjoy his favourite activities and invite friends over when he was unable to go out.

On the day of Kyle's room makeover, we sent him and his family to an Airbnb where they could relax while volunteers worked hard to transform the room. When Kyle returned home, he walked downstairs and was thrilled with what he saw. He was shocked and was screaming with glee behind his hands. Everywhere he turned there was something new and exciting to see. The design details incorporating Kyle's favourite sports and games, colours and amenities, were exactly what he'd dreamed of for his wish.

Kyle says his favourite part of the room is “everything”, but he especially loves his comfortable gaming chair that replaced the stool he used to sit on while gaming. Kyle and his family are enjoying spending quality time together in the room watching movies together and playing games.

"We never thought that we should put Kyle’s name in for a wish, but it’s nice to have someone else do something for you that is a surprise and they think of every detail that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself. These kids, they deserve it, they deserve their dream. Make-A-Wish helped Kyle come up with his wish and the wish granters made sure that this was his dream-come-true. We couldn’t have asked for more than this," says Kyle's mom.

When a wish is granted, it does much more than bring joy to a child’s heart. For wish kids like Kyle, who are faced with critical illnesses, a wish-come-true provides them with strength to battle through darkness and hope for healthier, happier days ahead.

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