Léandre Meets his Idol

Léandre, 12 (medical condition: Cancer)   Léandre, 12 (medical condition: Cancer)

I wish to meet a world renowned violinist   I wish to meet a world renowned violinist

November 2020   November 2020

12-year-old Léandre is an avid skier and swimmer and loves music. He has been playing the violin since the age of three. He is a very talented musician and practices two hours a day. Léandre enjoys performing on stage and has won two silver metals in a Canadian music competition, and he’s even played with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra as an honorary member in a concert.

When Léandre was 10 he was diagnosed with cancer. On New Year’s Eve in 2019, he underwent a 10 hour surgery to remove the tumour, followed by months of radiation and chemotherapy.  He started to practice his violin just 3 weeks after his surgery and played every day during his treatment. “‘’The chemo was really hard, and the violin helped distract me from those things. Even though I had an injection at the same time I was playing, I didn’t feel it,’’ said Léandre.

Léandre’s biggest wish was to have a master class with world renowned violinist Maxim Vengerov. While waiting to be able to safely meet his idol in-person, Léandre was given a unique opportunity of practicing virtually with Mr Vengerov.

“The virtual session was an unforgettable experience for Léandre and our family and a special memory that’s helped us all get through these difficult times, said Léandre’s Dad. Watch Léandre’s in one of his practice sessions. We are so excited for him to meet his idol in person.