Aurélia Poirier

Aurélia’s Story

Aurélia, 6 (brain tumour)   Aurélia, 6 (brain tumour)

I wish to meet my favourite princesses   I wish to meet my favourite princesses

6-year-old Aurélia loves ballet, animals, chocolate, and especially princesses! One of her favourite things to do is dress up as a princess with her sister Annabelle. Just before her third birthday, she was rushed to the hospital where no one could prepare her for what was to come. She was diagnosed with a large brain tumour and had fluid around her brain.

She was immediately taken to the operating room, where two drains were installed to reduce the fluids. She now lives with a permanent drain. Aurélia remained in intensive care for a month after this surgery, which left her feeling very far from her sister, her best friend. It came as no surprise that Aurélia wished to meet her favourite princesses! This wish would take her to Walt Disney World® Resort where she would make tons of memories with her family. During the week-long trip, she got to meet, and spend some time, with her favourite princesses while at the theme parks.

Her mom, Stephanie, told us about the most memorable part of Aurélia’s wish, “When she saw Snow White, her eyes sparkled! With a big smile on her face she said: ‘Mommy, my dream came true!’” She continued, “We came back from our trip with our heads and hearts full of memories!”