Zackery’s story 

Zackery, 17 (cancer)   Zackery, 17 (cancer)

I wish to have a zero gravity experience   I wish to have a zero gravity experience

Zack was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma. This type of cancer occurs when healthy B-cells change into fast-growing cancer cells. The cancer cells can duplicate and overwhelm healthy cells before spreading to other areas in the body. He underwent various therapies and is now in the maintenance phase of his treatment. 

His difficult journey with cancer inspired him to want an adventure like no other and his wish to have a zero-gravity experience came true. Zack, his parents Kimberley, Brett, and his brother Shayne, flew to Orlando, Florida and stayed near Cape Canaveral. 

On the big day, Zack was brought to the shuttle launch and landing facility at the Kennedy Space Centre where he underwent training with Zero-G Experience®. Zack donned his own flight suit and excitedly boarded a modified Boeing 727. The aircraft flew in upward and downward arcs that created a weightless environment for 20-30 second intervals. Zack floated like an astronaut and had the time of his life! While he was weightless, his cancer treatment seemed like a distant memory. After this ultimate thrill ride, the family toured the Kennedy Space Centre and enjoyed the warm Florida sunshine. 

Zack said reaching zero gravity and becoming weightless was an amazing experience. He even got to keep his custom flight suit. “To see the big smiles of course made us smile too,” said Kimberley and Brett. “As our kids are older (17 and 19), these moments when we can all be together to share something like this is precious.”