Ty’s Story

Ty, wish granted 2023 (heart condition)   Ty, wish granted 2023 (heart condition)

I wish to have my own published cookbook!   I wish to have my own published cookbook!

Ty was born with a heart condition, neuromuscular syndrome and scoliosis. Despite numerous hospital trips and surgeries, including a 12-hour surgery in 2022, Ty remains resilient. 
Through it all, his natural passion for cooking and exploring new dishes brings him joy and strength. Inspired by his dad Bernie and chef Gordon Ramsey, Ty’s most heartfelt wish was to produce and publish his own cookbook. The focus and conversation around Ty’s cookbook quickly became a bright spot in Ty and his family’s lives. “We lived through quite a bit during Covid-19 with Ty’s health,” said Ty’s father, Bernie Chauvin. “It was a good pick me up to focus on things other than just his health. It sort of changed our mindset. It was a feel-good story.” 
In 2023, Ty’s wish for his own published cookbook came true. ‘My Wish on a Plate! Just Ty It!’ combines his favourite recipes with those from family and friends. Creating his cookbook served as motivation to face the daily challenges of living with a critical illness. Ty reflects on his wish journey. “It really took my mind off everything. The stress of surgery for scoliosis. So that really took my mind off it and made me forget about it and made me happier.”  
It was a life-changing experience for Ty when he held his cookbook for the first time. Through the sale of his cookbook, the teen hopes to share the joy of cooking and give back to charities near and dear to him, including Make-A-Wish.