Tristan’s Story

Tristan, age 5 (blood disorder)   Tristan, age 5 (blood disorder)

I wish to have an extreme camping package   I wish to have an extreme camping package

Five-year old Tristan loves Robert Munsch books, sour Skittles and playing soccer. He is living with a blood disorder which means that Tristan’s blood does not clot on its own. Tristan lives at risk of suffering from excessive bleeding internally or into his joints, making his condition life-threatening. His treatment protocol consists of receiving intravenous medication at least three times a week. 

After much thought, Tristan’s heartfelt wish was for an extreme camping package. His wish included gear like a state-of-the-art Ultimate Alaknak 12×12 tent, portable fridge and adventure cooler (to keep all his favourite snacks cool), deluxe three-burner portable stove, camping chairs, hiking back packs and walkie-talkies. As a final surprise, Tristan even received a Polaris Ranger motorized car (aka his “Buggy”) that will allow him to explore the great outdoors. Tristan cannot wait to start his camping adventures and make some amazing memories with his family!  

“Everyone is so excited to share the ongoing camping experiences. Our little family appreciates this wish beyond words!” 

– Jenn, Tristan’s mom