summer pierson

Summer’s Story

Summer, 16 (lymphoma)   Summer, 16 (lymphoma)

I wish to have a bedroom makeover   I wish to have a bedroom makeover

16 year-old Summer was diagnosed with lymphoma in December of 2021. While going through treatments, Summer found out she was getting a wish granted. Dreaming of her wish helped to get her through many tough days during her chemotherapy treatments when she was feeling awful or was in pain. “It gave her an outlet for her thoughts”, said her mom, MaryAnn about the anticipation of her wish.  

Summer enjoys spending time outdoors playing lacrosse, or swimming in her pool. When she’s not outside, she loves spending time hanging out in her room, or watching movies with her mom. Summer wished to have a bedroom makeover. She wanted her new bedroom to be somewhere special where she could spend time with her sister, and her friends just being a regular kid again.  

From a new bed, to blackout curtains, to a full-length LED mirror, the makeover exceeded Summer’s expectations! Her new room keeps her motivated to stay organized and get school work done. Spending time in her bedroom makes Summer happy. It’s safe to say that Summer will be able to enjoy her wish for many years to come!