Scarlett’s Story

Scarlett 5, (multiple medical conditions)   Scarlett 5, (multiple medical conditions)

I wish for a backyard play area   I wish for a backyard play area

Scarlett is a bubbly five-year-old with an infectious smile and charming personality. But she has faced more challenges than most children her age.   

Scarlett was born with her liver, stomach, gallbladder and bowels outside of her body. She spent the first two years of her life in hospital and has endured countless hospital admissions and surgeries since. She has been on oxygen and a feeding tube since birth and continues to amaze her medical team.  

When Scarlett was three, she was referred for a wish and chose a backyard playset as she loves adventure; especially swinging and sliding. Community members from a local Home Depot built the playset, and a new wheelchair accessible ramp to make it accessible for Scarlett, who after recent surgery requires a wheelchair and walker to get around.  

Scarlett has never really had a birthday party with her friends as she was always in the hospital or in surgery. This July 2024, the wish will be completed with a special party for Scarlett, her friends, and those who helped to build it, to enjoy the newly constructed playset and celebrate her wish coming true.