Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca, 14 (cancer)   Rebecca, 14 (cancer)

I wish to have a puppy!   I wish to have a puppy!

Rebecca was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma in June 2020. She started chemotherapy shortly after receiving her diagnosis, lasting for three months. Then in October, Rebecca started radiotherapy for two months and successfully completed treatments a of couple weeks before Christmas. Rebecca received good news on January 13th, 2021, that she was cancer-free! She now just has routine check-ups every four months. 

She enjoys watching shows and playing games. Rebecca has a passion for volleyball – both participating in and watching – and she is looking forward to starting high school and building new friendships. When Rebecca grows up, she wants to be soldier in the Canadian Army.  

Her wish to have a Malshi puppy came true in February 2021, just before Valentine’s Day – and her heart could not be more full! Rebecca named her new best friend, Benji and says that he is a happy puppy. They are attached at the hip, and he only wants to be around her. They have become the best of friends. When asked about what her wish means to Rebecca, her mom said, “Rebecca is so sweet and brave. For us, this was a way to see her dream come true. We are so excited for her!”