Lilah’s Story

Lilah, age 17 (autoimmune disease)   Lilah, age 17 (autoimmune disease)

I wish to have a home gym   I wish to have a home gym

Seventeen-year-old Lilah is ambitious, loves watching Netflix, spending time with her friends and working out. Although she started experiencing symptoms of a chronic illness at the age of 15, she continued to persevere to maintain a “normal” teenage life. She was an avid track runner who trained daily, competed in the 80 metres hurdles, and was looking forward to her season with the Ottawa Lions Club. Unfortunately, her symptoms became worse and Lilah was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Over the next year Lilah had 11 hospital admissions, various treatment protocols and four surgeries. Lilah overcame all obstacles, and despite missing many months of schooling, she graduated high school on schedule and is now studying at Queens University. 

Lilah knew that a wish for a home gym would be the perfect wish for her. In not being able to do the things she loved most during treatment, working out and running track, her physical and mental health suffered. Adding the COVID-19 pandemic into it all also hindered her ability to get back into the gym. Having her own home gym gives her the opportunity to focus on her passion and do what brings her so much joy. 

Although my illness is wellcontrolled right now, I continue to try to cope with the mental health components of the aftermath of what transpired. To me, the wish means a chance to gain back some of what I have lost over the last three years and motivation to return to the activities that I love!” 

– Lilah, wish kid