Katrina’s story

Katrina, 17 (cancer)   Katrina, 17 (cancer)

I wish for a gaming computer   I wish for a gaming computer

Katrina is an inspiring, energetic 17 year-old, who doesn’t let her diagnosis get in the way of living her life to the fullest. When she was faced with a cancer diagnosis, she immediately underwent treatment. 

During this difficult time, she felt isolated from her friends. She spent lots of time playing video games – “Call of Duty” and “Fortnite” are her two favourites. Dreaming of her wish, helped bring positivity to some of her most difficult days . 

When it came to determining her wish, Katrina knew exactly what it would be. She wished to have a new gaming computer! As part of her wish reveal, she visited OverActive Media, where she led the team to victory in a “Call of Duty” mission. 

Besides a new a gaming computer, she was given a new Sony PlayStation 5 system, a controller, and headphones! Katrina will get to spend her free time playing her favourite video games with her friends for years to come.