jasper campbell

Jasper’s Story

Jasper, 9 (brain tumour)   Jasper, 9 (brain tumour)

I wish to be a co‑host with SportsCentre   I wish to be a co‑host with SportsCentre

Nine-year-old Jasper was diagnosed with a brain tumour before he turned two. Jasper spent many dark and trying days in the hospital, after he relapsed twice. As a result of intense treatments, Jasper faced speech, balance and co-ordination challenges. This effected his ability to play as much as he would have liked to throughout his early childhood.  

Today, Jasper is now cancer-free and one of the biggest sports fans you will ever meet! He was born a die-hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan —and he loves to watch any hockey or baseball game he can. 

In 2022, Jasper’s wish to be on a broadcast with TSN personality Jay Onrait came true! Since Jasper already pretends to be a broadcaster at home, being on air came natural to him. As soon as he sat down, he read the teleprompter with the same ease and confidence as the pros! 

Jasper’s mom, Melanie, shares how the wish has impacted him. “After celebrating Jasper, his confidence was soaring through the roof.” She continued, “On his wish day, he transformed into someone who could have taken on the world!”