Janani Thiruneelakandan

Janani’s Story

Janani, 6 (cancer)   Janani, 6 (cancer)

I wish to have Apple product   I wish to have Apple product

Six-year-old Janani was just four-years-old when she was diagnosed with cancer. She had to undergo surgery to try to remove her tumour, radiation, six rounds of immunotherapy, and five rounds of chemotherapy. These treatments affected her hearing permanently. Despite these hardships, she still loves to play and dance with her sister!

This diagnosis left Janani spending time in the hospital, which meant she didn’t get to go to school. Janani found out she was getting a wish, and this helped to distract her from all the treatments. She wished to have Apple products! Having a new iPad and Apple computer would help her stay up to date on her school work.

After her chemotherapy treatments, she would use her iPad to watch Paw Patrol, which is her favourite show. Her mom, Thupasini, told us how special Janani’s wish was, “It was incredible to watch the flicker of excitement in her eyes as she opened the boxes with her Apple products!” She continued, “Janani is living happily and very thankful for her new gifts from Make-A-Wish.”